Why is PTE Training important?

PTE training is vital to getting your student visa and being able to study abroad. The PTE exam is broken down into 4 main categories; speaking, writing, reading and listening.

How to pass?

Many people have the impression that there is no study involved in passing the PTE test and that they can simply ‘wing it’. Think Again! We have heard so many stories of students with outstanding English skills being let down because that did not spend a small amount of time to understand the specific requirements of PTE testing.

There are many online sources in which you can study for the test online, there are also practice tests and preparation resources to learn how to approach the test, but interestingly enough very few students who purchase the online training actually complete it. The truth is there is no substitute to face-to-face training, and students who complete this training have a real advantage over those who choose not to. In fact many students who purchase online training end up failing the test and then having to purchase face-to-face training anyway!


What about the price? Can you even afford to do the training!?

Immisolution is now running PTE classes in Hobart!

We have a promotion running for a limited time in Hobart.

Regular classes are priced as listed:

·     4 weeks – $600

·     8 weeks – $800

·     Unlimited – $1000

We are now offering early bird prices, for a limited time only.

·     4 weeks – $400

·     8 weeks – $650

·     Unlimited – $850

For more details, Inbox Immi Solution

or contact us on:

Phone: +03 6288 7033


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