Health insurance in Australia

There’s a lot that’s great about moving to Australia. And even though getting high-quality healthcare might not be quite as much fun as a day on Beach or checking out the sights of Sydney, it’s important to consider when you’re making the move. Here’s our guide to what you need to know.

Australia has a system of universal public healthcare: Australian residents all have the right to healthcare subsidized by the government-run organisation, Medicare. Roughly half the country has private health insurance on top of this.

Medicare covers a large proportion of basic costs, although it’s not always provided upfront: you may need to pay yourself and claim money back. It’s primarily funded through tax: citizens face a ‘Medicare levy’ as part of their basic tax payments.

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What kind of healthcare system does Australia have?

Private healthcare

In Australia, private health insurance is broken down into three main categories: hospital cover, ‘extras’ cover and ambulance cover.

Hospital cover

With this sort of insurance, you can choose your own doctor as well as what sort of hospital to attend. If you choose to go to a private hospital, you can get out of the long public hospital waiting times.

Extras cover

Extras or ‘general treatment’ can include things like dental treatment, hearing aids and glasses – and, significantly, home nursing. Insurance policies covering extras generally only cover them up to a certain annual limit – it’s a little bit similar to what’s called a ‘cash plan’ in some countries.

Ambulance cover

Private insurance for ambulance cover is a popular option. The need for this varies by state, however, as some state governments meet ambulance costs themselves, and certain people are sometimes exempt from having to pay.

  • How do I sign up for medical insurance?

  • Which insurance company should I choose?

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Aspects of the Australian healthcare system are complicated – most of all, the dizzying range of taxation schemes in place that may affect what you have to pay to either public or private insurers. But at its core, the Australian system offers an impressive range of services, and should mean that your healthcare doesn’t have to cost you too much.

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