Temporary Activity Visa

Here we are going to discuss on Temporary Activity Visa for Australia. The temporary visa is providing for those people who want to come to Australia on a temporary basis. If a person who wants to stay in this country for a limited period then this visa is required to purchase. An applicant can get this visa for the purpose of the following activities:

• Entertainment,
• Researcher,
• Religious Worker,
• Special Program,
• Sport,
• Domestic Worker,
• Exchange etc….

Here we are mentioning all the details and placing below this article. From here you can find the entire wait to get this visa and check all other details like

• How to Apply for a Temporary Activity Visa in Australia
• How to Work Temporary Activity Visa
• What are the limits of Temporary Activity Visa?
• Requirements for Temporary Activity Visa etc….

To apply for this visa need a sponsorship if you want to stay in this country as permanent or apply from Australia. Otherwise, no sponsorship is required for this visa. This is a temporary visa. You can be in or out from Australia when the visa is granted. If you apply for this visa need to stay in Australia for three months or less. All the activities must be mentioned in the application when you need a temporary visa. If you want to stay in Australia for more than three months you must be sponsored by a sponsor who passes the sponsorship test.

How to Apply for Temporary Activity Visa

Applying in Australia:

If you apply for the temporary visa in Australia than need a sponsor to approve their all requirement and also who passes the sponsorship test.


Apply Outside Australia:

If you apply for this visa from outside of Australia then require a sponsor that proves all the activities you involved in must pass the support test. For this, you need to a sponsorship by approved temporary activities that pass the entire sponsorship test for you.

How Does this Temporary Activity Visa Work ?

This visa permit you to stay in Australia till the limited periods and also permit to work for all the actives that mentioned by you. The maximum stay limits of a person are following:

• Invited Participant Activity Type: up to three months
• Australian Government Endorsed Event Activity Type: up to four years.
• Any Other Activity Type: up to two years.

Superyacht crew member and special program participant cannot live more than 12 month in Australia.
Temporary visa holders can not extend their stay limits further than four years.

Temporary Activity Visa Requirement

  • If you apply for this visa outside on Australia and want to live in for three months or less, require a sponsor that can support you in being activities.
  • To stay in this country you need a sponsor that approved by an approved organization.
  • To meet the all requirement when applying for this visa.
  • Approve the financial support for you and your family.
  • To show your health certificate at the time of applying for this visa.
  • Meet the entire health and character requirement.
  • To do any actives or work in Australia need to mention them clearly in visa applying time.