IELTS is well known as the International English Language Testing System. It is a compulsory test for all students who are not educated well about English and want to study abroad like in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK etc… This test is requiring to be taken by non native students. Through this test a student can get the knowledge of the English language and also improve their communication skills like reading, writing, listening. It is also compulsory to study in Australia. Here we are proving all the features and other important information regarding to IELTS COACHING. So students who wish to study abroad should check this page.

The IELTS has four language skills that are important to take by every student. It will be effective in learning English communication skills. The IELTS is organised by the IDP and British Council in India.

Structure of the IELTS COACHING is as follows

  • Reading: it run for 60 minutes has 3 passages and 40 questions. Each question will be marked one mark.
  • Writing: it run for 60 minutes having 2 tasks and must be required to answer both of tasks.
  • Listening: it run for 40 minutes and has four sections. Each section have 10 items is one mark.
  • Speaking: it runs for 11 – 14 minutes and this is face to face interaction between the students and examiner.

Scoring Scale of IELTS

  • Reading Score reported on 0 – 9 band with 0.5 band increment.
  • Writing score reported on 0 – 9 bands with 0.5 band increment.
  • Listening score reported on 0 – 9 band with 0.5 band increment.
  • Speaking score reported on 0 – 9 band with 0.5 ban increment

The scoring is between 0 – 9 with 0.5 band increment are reported on the IELTS.

IELTS Features

Flexible Batches:

Students can select a batch from the available batches for study. We are also staying open on weekends so students can learn more.


In House Preparation:

On weekends we have organised a mock test for students.


Best in Class Facilities:

This lecture delivered to students is with high technology via smart classes.

These hi tech facilities are available to all students and will make the learning process much easier.



Techniques & Strategies:

During the coaching time, your trainer will share more tricks to solve the types of questions with which you have.


Certified Trainers:

British Council Certified Trainer provides the entire meter regards to English skills and help students to prepare for exams. They also create an Academic Test for students to achieve their required bands.


Internal Objects:

We use unique resources to prepare students for the real exam. These custom made tools are also available for students.


Constant Assessment:

To increase student evaluation there are many guidelines available. During the coaching time, any doubts that students may have will be resolved by the trainer, along with any problems that they may also be suffering with.



Master Classes:

This is one of the best points, they analyse the weakness and strength of students for the session. Master classes provide the unique tips and guidelines for students for the best preparation heading into there main exam.


Assurance of Results:

Your results will be positive if you study with the guideline provided in coaching classes. You may follow all the tricks and strategies to get the highest rank in your final results.