Study in New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most interesting study destinations for all international students. It is situated in the South-Western Pacific Ocean. It is the land of white cloud for the local Maori people. It is included in the North and South islands, along with many other smaller islands. As we all know, New Zealand is an absolutely beautiful country, with an excellent education system. The ranking of the country is second on the global Peace Index 2018. Here we are mentioning some factors as to why you should study in New Zealand. All of the students who are choosing to go abroad for the higher study, need to check out this full page and get collect all details from this source.

Education System in New Zealand

The education system will vary upon the university that offered a range of different courses for international students.


These universities are offering technology and polytechnic courses along with other UG and PGs, as well as foundation courses. In New Zealand there are 23 polytechnics currently running.


There are roughly 600 Private Universities and 8 State founded Universities in New Zealand they provide quality education for international students as well as at home students. These universities offer various programs like undergraduate, postgraduate and PHD program for its students.


If you are learning the traditional values of the Maori culture, then this university is the right choice for you. These universities teach you everything you need to learn about the Maori Culture and of the Maori People.

Cost of Studying in New Zealand

The studying and living cost in New Zealand may be slightly more expensive than other countries. The international students will have to pay tuition fees when enrolled for respective courses. The cost of studying or tuition fees will ultimately depend on the universities and the chosen courses. The tuition fees are as following:

  • For Art Subject: NZD 20000 per year
  • For Science Subjects: NZD: 25000 per years.
  • For Undergraduate Courses: NZD 18000 to NZD 25000 per years.
  • For Postgraduate Courses: NZD 10000 to NZD 30000 per year.

All other details regarding study and living costs can be checked on the particular website of universities where you wish to study. The cost of study may be different according to the university policies.

Why Study in New Zealand

Here are some reasons that people decide to study in New Zealand:

  • The excellent standard that provided the study environment for international students and it is also recognised internationally and highly regarded worldwide.
  • Both Practical and Academic knowledge are offered for all types of students and reward them to get achievements.
  • New Zealand provides all resource understandably for all students. So they can highly look forward to learning in this environment.

Popular Courses in New Zealand

  • Undergraduate,
  • Postgraduate,
  • Engineering,
  • MBA,
  • Degree, Diploma, Vocational,
  • Polytechnic,
  • Accounting, Hospitality etc….

Scholarship for International Students

Students can choose the following scholarship scheme:

  • New Zealand Developments Scholarship
  • New Zealand ASEAN Scholar Awards
  • New Zealand Excellence Award
  • UC International First Year Scholarships,
  • University of Otego International Research Postgraduate Scholarship,
  • University of Waikato International Scholarship

Benefits of Studying in New Zealand

  • Availability of multiple intakes and part time jobs.
  • Students who are studying for Doctoral/Research programs can stay in this country and can also look for a job opportunity.
  • There are 7 out of 8 universities that are recognised by the top worldwide universities.
  • The crime rate in New Zealand is much less than other countries.
  • The opportunity to migrate with a partner and get a work permits, if their parents are permanent resident of this country.