Travel Services

if you are here to study and learn in Australia, there is a whole new and exciting country for you to explore. When you want to take a break from study, Australia offers plenty to do on and off campus.

Unlike other Student Recruitment Agencies, Immi solution is a full-service company, this means we arrange all of your travel needs in-house. We can find you the most competitive prices for your trips to and from your home country. We’ll help you plan your trip over and your visits back home at a minimal cost.

We also arrange many great travel packages for when your on-shore. We can help you find interesting excursions and activities in your university city and beyond.

We arrange regular trips annually for our students and they provide a great opportunity to meet other people and make new friends. So often once you land in your destination country it can be daunting to venture out beyond your University campus. Exploring your new destination can be an enriching experience for students. You’ll find it connects you further to your new country and you’ll develop a profound appreciation for its culture.

The best part is, Australia has an excellent transport system. We can help you plan and book every aspect of your travel.