GSM Visa:
GSM is also called as a General Skilled Migration Visa. This visa specially made for those workers who can stay and work in Australia permanently. Some individual gets sponsorship as an Australian employer. For them also the same visa application. We help them by providing consultation, assessment, and visa services.

Australian Visas Issued Under This Category:
Independent skilled visa
Regional skilled sponsored visa: This has two types. 1. State Regional Sponsored, 2. Family Sponsored.
Nominated Skilled visa

You need to select any of that skilled program if you are thinking to go for an Australian visa and if it falls under GSM category. This is an online programme which includes two steps. One is the submission of an EOI and two, actual visa application.

Basic information to be submitted with EOI (Expression of Interest):
There is some information which you have to submit depending on your visa type for which you are eligible. Those pieces of information are discussed below:
Some information which is very basic and also personal.
Need to provide work experience.
Mandatory to provide educational qualification.
Need to show how much knowledge you have about English.
About your occupation.

For visa application skills assessment is necessary and it will be valid up to three years.

Some skills assessment which valid the time of lodgment for the visas:
Employer Nominated Scheme visa.
Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme visa.
Temporary Graduate visa.

Skilled assessment is required the time of invitation and application of the following visas:
Independent skilled visa. Subclass-189
Nominated skilled visa. Subclass-190
Regional skilled visa. Subclass-489

After invitation receive from EOI there are five visas which important to apply:
Permanent visa. Subclass-132
Provisional visa. Subclass-188
Independent skilled visa. Subclass-189
Nominated skilled visa. Subclass-190
Nominated or sponsored skilled visa. Subclass-489

We can help you by processing your GSM visas with proper consultation, assessment, and submission. So that you can submit document error-free.

About Employer Sponsored Visa:

Employer-sponsored visa is two types. It needs Australian employers to work on their specific empty position which is required for their business. It also allows highly skilled labor from foreign country to explore their ideas with Australian employers as an employee of the company.

We will help you to get any type of visa. For working with your employer you will have total nine types of visas. These visas are important for both employers and employees. Those are:
Temporary Work Visa. Subclass-457
Nomination Scheme of an Employer. Subclass-186
Temporary work visa. Subclass-401
Visa for training and research. Subclass-402
Superyacht Crew visa. Subclass-488
Migration Scheme visa. Subclass-187
Seasonal worker special program visa. Subclass-416
Entertainment visa. Subclass-420
Provisional visa. Subclass-489
Business owner visa sponsored by State. Subclass-892
Investors visa sponsored by State. Subclass-893

Subclass 457 is the most popular visa:

Applying for this visa, you need to have in visa application Australian employer sponsorship. Anyways the immigration department has a certain condition that Australian employees are eligible to sponsor as a skilled labor. Before you apply for visa your employer must fulfill certain criteria. Such as
The employer must be an approved sponsor.
He must nominate a position for you.

How you can be eligible for sponsoring to any individual:
If you worked in Australia minimum four years.
You can bring your family to Australia for the purpose of work or study.
Very often you travel in and out of Australia.

These all options you need to keep it in mind because all are very important to apply for the visa according to the position.

Australia Visitor Visa: