GSM Visa

General Skilled Migration (GSM) is an employee visa that imitates a permanent resident for Australia. This visa is issued by the Australian Government, which also shows eligible foreign nationals and their family members who live with them, work and study legally and in Australia for a long time. Since GSM worker visa in Australia is a permanent resident visa, the holder of this visa can remain for an indefinite period in Australia provided they fulfil with all the conditions given in the visa. This is in contrast to a temporary Australian visa, which sets limits on how long a visa holder can live in Australia and what he can do while staying temporarily.

Another major difference between Australia’s GSM Worker Visa and a Temporary Australian Visa is that a qualified foreign national who can issue a GSM worker visa after four years for Australia’s Australian citizenship. This is for all those who are willing to settle in Australia and have special skills. IMMI Solution is providing all the facility to the applicants like Consultant, Assessment and Via Service for GSM category. This is a signal window for all the client and they can use and grab all the service benefits from there. The GSM Visa is applicable for all those who able to get the sponsorship an Australian Employer.

Under this visa program worker, skilled professionals may use their all skill to migrate and settle in Australia. It is compulsory to all the migrants use their skill and go through the Skill Select Programme which has two steps Submission of Expression of Interested (EOI) and Actual Visa Application.

Australian Visas Issued Under This Category

Australian Visa issued under the Categories include as following:

Skilled Independent Visa – Subclass – 189

To get this type of visa you need to score at least 65 in Skill Select Program. The Skilled visa means that immigrants planning to permanent settle in Australia. If you score the eligible marks then eligible to get the Australian Visa Subclass 189. The age limitation required for applicants that are 45 years and you may need enough skill required by their choice profession. This chosen profession must have mention in Skilled Occupation List (SOL).

Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa – Subclass 489

This is a provisional visa for two years for immigrant. To get this applicant need to fulfil the entire requirement for a job. But is not secure the eligible marks in Skill Select Test. To get this visa applicant need to be nominated by Territorial or State Government or sponsored by an eligible relative residing in Australia. The upper age limits of this are 45 years.

Temporary Business Long Stay Business Visa – Subclass – 457

These types of visa issued for a limited time periods. It is come under the Subclass 457. Applicant who is applying for this visa must be sponsored by an Australian employer. The temporary visa is most popular to immigrating to this country.

Skilled Nominated Visa – Subclass 190

This visa is also requiring applicants who want to settle permanent in Australia. Here you need not required the request marks for this visa. The State Government, Territorial Government sponsorship authority is mandatory for this visa. Here applicant need not required any age limits. They can also below 45 ages. Demonstration required skill for the jobs.

Employer Nomination Scheme Visa

Under this scheme, an Australian employee can sponsor a skilled professional to immigrant and setter in country. Any of regional employers can able to sponsor any skilled professional to their respective regions.