Earning & Spending in New Zealand

Has it ever crossed your mind about how much it would cost you to study in New Zealand? If you want to study in new Zealand as an international student then you need to pay a more expensive tuition fee than domestics students. The entire ratio among the tuition fees and living costs are mentioned below.  There are various types of universities set with their own tuition fee structure for each course. These universities offer quality education for all students, and may charge the fee according to the course chosen by students.

The cost will also depend upon what subject you choose and what your level of study is. However the study cost has been confirmed by the New Zealand Government for one year of study. Most international students pay more fees than domestic students. In some cases the international students may exempt from paying fees if they choose a courses such as the PhD program.

Therefore an international student who wants to study in New Zealand must spend more on study.

as following:

For international Students:

  • For Undergraduate: NZ$ 20000
  • For Science and Engineering: NZ$ 25000
  • For Medicine and Density: NZ$ 75000

For Domestic Students:

  • Undergraduate: NZ$ 10000 to NZ$ 25000
  • Post Graduate: NZ$ 10000 to NZ$ 30000

The above ratio is based officially and are represented by all the universities in New Zealand. Some universities set their own fee structure that can be checked from their official website. As well as tuition fees some universities will also charge administrative and student service fees. If a student who wants to study both graduate and postgraduate degree courses, they will have to confirm the fund to support them. The tuition fee will be in yearly as per the course.

Living Expansion in New Zealand

If you are planning to study in New Zealand and also planning to stay in this country you will need a student visa to live as a permanent resident. But before you decide you may want to check your budget and also keep in mind the difference of all universities. The average cost of living in New Zealand will be more expensive as appose to many other countries. So its important to check all of the options that you have for living and studying. To solve this problem of expenses some scholarship schemes are also supporting those types of students who want to study a higher education abroad. Some factors are mentioned below.

  • Student Hostel/ Resident Hall: NZ$ 200 per week.
  • Home stays: NZ$ 180 per week.
  • Apartment: NZ$ 120 per week.
  • Transport: NZ$ 3.50
  • Meals: NZ$ 15.84
  • Entertainment: NZ$ 14

Other Expenses while studying in New Zealand

  • After completion of degree courses, if you are planning to bring your dependent then prove your budget is to support them.
  • In New Zealand there are three languages officially. Maori is the sign language of this country. If you want to learn this language then you should plan to do so.
  • Health Insurance is required if you are living in New Zealand. This will be provided by the Institute where you’re studying or from the native country. The cost of health insurance will be NZ$ 399 per year.