Earning & Spending in USA

If you are going to study in the USA then financial support is something that should be strong. Both tuition fees and living costs will depend on the factors of choosing a study plan and where you are living. The tuition fees and cost of living are yearly. For extra activities such as transport, food, & personal expenses it will then be up to the student. There are also some other schemes that are available to get financial support for international students.

Thousand of international student visit USA for higher study. The one destination point of international student is United State of America. To give support to continue studies the USA Government and there situated university provide some fund through scholarship to international students. The loans can also get through the university they are studying. But the loan must be paid back with interest as per the law of the student’s loans. The benefits give by the organization through gifts will not need to pay back. Many of student eligible and successfully get the scholarship. The academic loans will be granted through their academic records like merit list, any athletic talent or any civic performance.

Various institutes in USA are divided in two categories like:

  • Public Institute: Those run by a State Government.
  • Private Institute: Those run by independently.

Living Expansion

The living expansion may be yearly, monthly or per day. It will depend on you what type of lifestyle you are living. According to average the living cost of pearly will be $10000 to $12000 and $700 to $1000 per month. this average cost are include all the extra activities like transport, accommodation cost, room rent, food, travel and many other. Here we are placing some average cost that can be express your living in USA:

  • Books & Study Material: $500 to $1000 per year
  • Travel: $300 to $700
  • Housing: $5000 to $7000 per year
  • Cost of Rent: $300 to $600 per month, it will be higher according to your living location.
  • Meals: $2500 per year or depend on you.
  • Shopping: $500 yearly
  • Personal: $2000 per year


Additional Cost:

  • Travel expansion will be changed during vacation time.
  • Purchasing large items like PC, Furniture etc…
  • Medical like dental care, eye care, cosmetic etc….
  • Entertainment, social outings and any other weekend trips

Institute Costs

Institute cost or universities cost may be different according to courses wise. The universities are set down their own study cost. You can check all the feedback from particular official website. The cost of study is depending on your chosen courser types and the level of the course they offer you. Some average study cost are mentioning below section. You may check from there.

  • Private Institute (High Cost): $35000 per year
  • Private Institute (Low Cost): $18000 per year
  • State Institute (High Cost): $25000 per year
  • State Institute (Low Cost): $12000 per year