As the name suggest that PARTNER VISA will be given to a married applicant. To be eligible for this type of visa must be married according to the common law of relationship. To apply for a PARTNER VISA on basis of marriage you must be legally married with your partner of your sponsor. Under the requirement your partner must married for a period of 2 years after this relationship is still genuine and continuing. If you satisfied all the terms may eligible to apply a visa. Here we are providing the complete details after the consultant with our experts and also take care of procuring through a throughout assessment, consultant and accurate visa application process.

There is major subclass to get a PARTNER VISA. This is divided in two categories Prospective Marriage Visa and Partner Visa. The type for visa you may apply is depending o your relationship. To apply for this visa need to married legally with your partner at the time of application. You may show a proof of your legal marriage evidence of a mutual commitment.


Following are the types of relationship and the visas that correspond to them:

  • Intended Marriage: Prospective Marriage Visa
  • Married (de jure) Relationship: Partner Visa
  • De facto Partner Relationship (including a same-sex relationship): Partner Visa


Subclass Partner Visa:

The subclass partner visa is two types, temporary and permanent. A person who meets the entire legal criteria of the visa terms and condition may apply for temporary visa and a person who is permanent resident of Australia can apply for permanent visa. The permanent visa will be granted if you satisfied with all the following criteria. The partner category will allow Australian citizen to live permanent resident and also eligible New Zealand citizen. You may not live permanent in Australia. If you wise to live permanent in Australia need to apply for a permanent visa and it will be granted after all the legal criteria assessed.

If you live in Australia then eligible to apply for permanent visa for resident according to subclass 820 and subclass 801.if the relationship is genuine and still after the 2 years then eligible to stay in Australia with your partner.

If you are outside of Australia then you need to apply for permanent visa to enter in Australia and stay with your partner.


Prospective Marriage Visa:-

This visa is for those who still unmarried and want to live in Australia. In order to apply for this visa you need to meet with all legal criteria and your partner of fiancé must be live in Australia and must be citizen of Australia. If you married and want to live permanent in Australia need to apply for permanent visa.


Expansion of Partner Visa:

You may either in or outside of Australia when the permanent visa granted. In most cases permanent resident cannot be granted less than 2 years from when you lodge your application.


General Terms and Conditions:

  • You must be sponsored by a person who live in Australia and have citizen of Australia. The sponsor may be anyone of partner, parents, guardian of your partner.
  • You must also meet the health and character criteria during apply.
  • If you have children or other dependent family members then apply combined applications with all criteria.