Parents may able to migrate to Australia using a PARENT VISA if their child lives in Australia permanent and also have Australia citizen. If they have a child that has citizenship of Australia can apply for PARENT VISA. Many of people want to live in Australia in temporary or permanent resident. Many of people who have parents living overseas might want to bring them to Australia. According to EMMI Solution Experts the Parents Visa are six typed of scenarios which falls in contributory, non contributory and visitor visa. They may be expressive or very long wait time. The fees of apply parents visa may be changed according to time. So client must visit its official website to check all the required details carefully.

To eligible for Parents Visa applicant must be meet the entire health and character requirement and also pass the balance of family test. To go through the half test, their half child must be permanent resident of Australia. Many migrant experts think that it is a money making business that will be better for their parents when it come to parents or partner category visa options.

Some Basic Conditions to Apply for Parents Visa

To apply for Parents Visa a parent must be pass the Balance of Family Test. This category should be either:

• An Australian Citizen,
• A permanent Resident of Australia,
• An eligible Citizen of New Zealand.

It also noted to all applicant who migrating to Australia with a Parent Visa is not eligible for Age Pension. For eligible for the same wait for ten years before being to Australian age pension. If parents who pass the Balance Family Test along with health and police check the visa is granted soon. After the visa grated they become permanent resident in Australia through this.

Categories of Australian Parent Visa

Aged Parents

If one of the parents who is 65 Years Old and want to settle in Australia in permanent then this visa allow to enter in Australia. They must be passed the Family Balance Test. An applicant must have child who have Australian citizen and living permanent of this country. If their child is eligible of New Zealand citizen can also eligible to immigrant.


Contributory Aged Parent Visa: Subclass 884

This is temporary visa for parents that allow staying in this country for two years. This is valid if their child lives in Australia with permanent resident. This visa is processed faster with a higher cost. After two years a temporary visa holder can apply for permanent living visa.


Contributory Aged Parent Visa: Subclass 864

This is also allowing aged parents to stay in this country for two years. All the process of this visa is same of subclass 884. As compared to the previous class this is faster and more costly.


Contributory Parent Migrant Visa Subclass 173 to 143

Applicant can apply for this visa after the Contributory Parent Visa to issue for temporary resident expired. This type of visa is allowed the entire immigrant for holding contributory parent visa subclass 173 and planning for a contributory parent’s migrant visa.