Australian Visa and Migration

Are you in the process of applying to live and work in Australia?

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We have expert visa consultants who are highly experienced in providing expert immigration services to its clients. They have experience in handling visa and immigration applications and understand the comprehensive process. They look after all the requirements and ensure that all the documents are well arranged as per the priority and are confined together with the application. A well organized set of visa application decreases the work of the immigration officer who feels happy to look at it and review your application.

It is now mandatory to undertake a Formal Assessment of your skills by the relevant Assessing Authority in Australia, prior to lodging an application for migration, with the Immigration Department. Having compiled the necessary application form and examined in detail every aspect, we ensure that all necessary information to support your application is provided to the Authorities.

Visa Categories

  • Skilled Independent
  • Fiancee/Fiance
  • Family Sponsorship
  • State/Territory Sponsorship
  • Spouse
  • Skilled Graduate Visa
  • Parent
  • Other Family
  • Tourist Visa
  • Student Visa

The Points Test

Who can qualify is determined by a “Points Test”, where points are awarded on various factors such as Employment and Level of Skill, Education, Years of Experience, Proficiency in English and Sponsorship (for those who are sponsored by close blood relatives). The points test is a scale which is used by the Visa Officer to determine whether an applicant qualifies for migration or not.

It is important to note that the ‘points test’ undergoes changes from time to time and one has to study well, one’s chances of qualifying and should lodge an application when the situation is favorable. A formal Assessment is mandatory, prior to lodging an application.

Preliminary Assessment with relation to Points Test

The process of a Preliminary Assessment requires a thorough understanding of laws and regulations which are regularly being revised and policies and procedures which are modified to meet the objectives of the current Government of the day.

To ensure that your application would likely succeed, we undertake a preliminary assessment of your Resume, based on the current ‘points test’, considering each factor as mentioned above and will advise you.