If you are interested in studying or living abroad in a country such as Australia, New Zealand or Canada then it is recommended that you need to prove your power in the English language. To improve your communication skills and understanding in the English language you will need to pass a test of IELTS or PTE. It is known to everyone that English in an international language which is used in every country. All the non native English countries like Indians are going to study abroad which there they mostly speak English. I would like to suggest that taking PTE Coaching and being well prepared for the examination to learn more about English is very important.

This is not a hard task for a person to crack this exam. If you know enough about English then it is not required that you have to take coaching. A PTE persons will measure four modules such as listening, speaking, reading and understanding. PTE Coaching is a completely computer based English language test that provides all aspects of skill required learning. There are many PTE Coaching centres in India that provide education for those who want to study abroad. Many students are confused about which is the best PTE Coaching for learning English skills.

There are many PTE Coaching Centres available in India that is following


  • Ahmadabad
  • Bangalore
  • Chandigarh
  • Chennai
  • Cochin
  • Coimbatore
  • Delhi / New Delhi
  • Hyderabad
  • Jalandhar
  • Kolkata
  • Mumbai
  • Noida
  • Patiala
  • Pune
  • Punjab
  • Rajkot
  • Vadodara


PTE Coaching Fees:

  • Standard Fees: Rs. 10255/-
  • Late Booking Fees: Rs. 12819/-
  • Application Taxes: 18% GST.


PTE Coaching Features:-

Certified Trainers:

Our PTE Faculties are well certified and will provide you with quality education in regards to English skills. We have trainers that train students as they are required to do so. They will also create the PTE Academic Test for students to pass all measurements of skill.


Flexible Batches:

There are multiple batches run in a day. Students can select the time of study from the available batches. We are also starting special batches for students who wish to learn more skills.


Best in Class Facilities:

In PTE Coaching every student is provided with a PC with headphones. All the equipment hi tech.


In House Material:

We use the material that we have for the students & for the actual PTE test, which are both developed by us.

In House Practice:

We have conducted 10 high quality practice exams which match the quality of the actual test for the students benefit.


Continuous Evaluation:

There are many guidelines available to you in order to help motivate you for PTE. During the coaching time, you have all the facilities available to solve all the doubts and problems related to the study.


Master Classes:

This is one of the best points for you that we have organised master classes for you by Master Trainers. These classes are arranged every day after the actual class.


Techniques & Strategies:

During the coaching time, we share enough strategies with you to understand and cope with the tests with confidence.


Guaranteed Results:

This is confirmed that your results will be positive if you follow all the tips and take coaching according to provided guidelines. You will defiantly get your result as you desire.